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About Anwar Qureshi

He was born on September 5, 1950. He is blessed to have born in an illustrious family of musicians where music is worship. Music runs in the genes of this genius from ‘Jhajjar Khandaan’

He learnt classical vocal from his father and violin and ghazal from his
brother Ustad Fayyaz Husain Khan.

Arun Music Class, Pune Inspired by Mehdi Hasan and Gulam Ali; he started presenting ghazals in 1981. He strongly believes in singing ghazals with meaningful shayari, pristine Urdu verses and emotional appeal. He has developed a unique style of singing which is a mix between Gwalior and Bhendi bazar gharana.

Ustad Anwar Qureshi made his mark as a Ghazal singer and has given more than 3000 shows. He has also composed music for many ghazals written by great Urdu shayars like Mirza Ghalib, Faiz Ahmad Faiz, Daag Dahelvi, Shakil Badayuni etc. These compositions are based on ragas like Kirwani, Bhairavi, Bhinnashadja, Darbari, Marwa, Chandranandan, Janasammohini, Bageshri, Rageshri etc. These ghazals stand apart from the commercial filmy ghazals. His efforts are to maintain a distinctive style of traditional Ghazal singing.

The Guru

Guruji has trained hundreds of students in Hindustani classical vocal as well as Ghazal. Many of his students perform on stage; many have qualified auditions on All India Radio. He is very particular about the way his students present their art. He makes sure that the pronunciation of Urdu words is right. He makes them rehearse till the presentation is perfect in terms of authenticity of musical notes and that the meaning of the Ghazal is conveyed to the audience.