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The Illustrious Family

This family from Jhajjar, a small town near Delhi has made important contributions to instrumental and vocal music.

Ramzan Khan:
He was a sarangi player and violinist.

Anwar Qureshi Azim Baksha:
Was a renowned sarangi player of his time. Anjanibai Malpekar described him as a sarangiya with a magical touch.

Kadar Baksh:
Famous sarangi player who accompanied Balgandharva; the idol of Marathi stage He traveled with the ‘Gandharva Natak Company’. He and Ustad Ahmadjaan Thirakava kept the audiences spellbound for hours with their jugalbandi.

Mohammad Hussain Khan:
A great sarangi player who played for the famous music director Ghulam Mohammad and a vocalist who started ‘Arun Music Class’ Late Bhalaji Pendharkar inaugurated the class. Khansahib contributed two books; Upaj and Bandish on classical music and created two ragas.

Ustad Fayyaz Hussain Khan:
Son of Mohammad Hussain Khan and brother of Ustad Anwar Qureshi; has been conferred the Surmani award. He is an accomplished violinist and music composer who has composed meaningful and melodious ghazals based on various ragas. He is an A grade All India radio artiste, a performer and a guru.